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Chloe Green lives in Santa Monica LA, is 21 years of age and was a fashion designers assistant. When she decided she was interested in  how to become a sugar baby.  She wasn’t prepared for how it changed her life. She quickly saw the potential of what she could earn. And quickly learned how to become a sugar baby after just 6 weeks of sugar daddy dating. Here she tells her abbreviated story; Taken from a news story in 

When I saw an article in a women’s magazine about how to become a sugar baby today. I started to question why I was working like a dog just to stand still. Although I didn’t agree with certain aspects morally. Life can be hard and I decided i had to do something to generate a greater income. Furthermore, I visited several how to become a sugar baby sites but two stood out. a) seeking  appeared to have the largest database of sugar daddies so I joined as a sugar baby. b) came across as having liberal open honest profiles which I thought ideal for me, so joined there too.

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Become an Online Sugar Baby

I quickly concluded there were thousands of especially pretty girls listed on both sites. For the best ROI i realised that I had to create a profile to become an online sugar baby to join this dating niche. Like in all businesses I knew that if I could carve out a niche for myself it would maybe set me apart. Then I spoke to my close girlfriends and simply asked them on a night out (after a few drinks).  I said write on a piece of paper what they thought were my most outstanding qualities and best physical features.
How to Make Dating Your Side Hustle .

The results were in,7 out of my 8 friends said I had a banging personality, and was great to talk to. This was nice to hear. Six said they were jealous of my ass and small waist. My ass is naturally large and high with rounded butt cheeks that always seem to command rude attention from men. I knew this was my niche entry in how to become an online sugar baby.

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Rich Meet Beautiful
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Rich Meet Beautiful

Sugar Baby's Make Sugar Dating Your Side Hustle

When I asked what job (outside of a traditional job) they thought I would be suited to.  If I wasn’t doing my current job. 4 said burlesque dancer, 3 said become a sugar baby, and 1 said barmaid.  I wouldn’t be able to generate a good income from burlesque or as a barmaid, but I already had secretly thought I’d like to become a sugar baby dating rich men. Significantly, that was the push and confirmation I needed. I knew I should spend money on professional photos. However, i noticed that on sugar coupling many girls had taken unusual Xfile photos that were semi-nude and more real looking. Many were taken in their bedrooms or using opposite a large mirror with great effect.

It was exciting to create this new persona and to think about generating a good income from my sugar baby dating side hustle. Although; I nearly fell in to become a sugar baby a year earlier. A time when I believe as a woman I was at the peak of my physical being. A managing director at a corporate event waited until we all were about to depart. He pulled me aside and asked me if we could go for dinner (anywhere I liked). And offered me $1500 for the inconvenience. It was then that I realised that i had to become a sugar baby. And the desire to make dating my side hustle, was on.

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Become a Sugar Baby Dating Profile

I decided to try it, and took several photos with my iphone pointing behind my shoulder, and showing my big ass and small waist to great effect. The competition for sugar daddies was fierce so I also added some topless shots as I have really prominent large nipples. The Seeking site didn’t approve the topless photos but did. This is how I started to create my become a sugar baby dating profile. So i could start dating online.

Then I took a great deal of time to think about the people I’d like to meet. Given that I decided I only wanted to meet professional rich sugar daddies over 45 years of age. Frequently I stated in my profile that I would provide a girlfriend experience, and that anyone I met would have to behave like a gentleman. Especially when we were out together, treating me like a lady was essential for me. I stated this in my become a sugar baby dating profile.

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What Rich Men Want When you Become a Sugar Baby

During my research I learned what many successful rich men want when you become a sugar baby. Many want  to relinquish being in control when they are away from work. So I added this feature to my niche as a dominant feminine boss baby who must be obeyed. Even though i’m softly spoken i surmised men wouldn’t feel threatened. Instead would want to obey a pretty girl. I also believed that I wouldn’t attract the high level uber sugar daddy in my local town (where everyone knew each other). So gave my general location as Los Angeles. Little did I know that these small nuances created a desire, significantly causing rich men to flock to me. If you want to become a sugar baby you should take note, it’s about perception and how you present yourself.

The fact that I stated that I had very limited sexual experience may also have helped me become a sugar baby. Even though it was true. I also said I wouldn’t have sexual intercourse with my sugar daddy. Thinking that would put many off. However; i wasn’t prepared for the avalanche of interest this created when you become a sugar baby. Many men wanting to be my first, trying to pressure me with ever increasing amounts to be with me. I separated them in to 4 main groups;

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Accept Sugar Daddy Kink if you Become a Sugar Baby

Most that said ‘ OK, No intercourse ‘ but would I face sit ‘ them. Many wanted this fetish.
Many that said ‘ No intercourse ‘ but ‘ would I restrain and beat them ‘ with a paddle after dinner. When i decided to become a sugar baby i thought old men would not be a problem because they have limited sexual drive:). However; Many are voracious predators.

Quite a few that said ‘ No intercourse ‘ but could they ‘ go down on me ‘. Many wanted this because my profile appeared as a girl who genuinely just wanted to go on dates. But without any intimacy attached. I didn’t think it would be complicated when i decided to become a sugar baby. One sugar daddy told me I had created a vision of a ‘ good girl,  a pure woman whose legs hadn’t been parted’. Men are so predictable, no matter how much money they have. Beware of sugar daddy kink if you become a sugar baby.

No Intimacy.

In so much as i naively thought that stipulating ‘ No intercourse ‘ would mean that only men who were simply happy to take me to dinner would be the result. However, I soon realised that most men are tactile creatures who like to touch and taste. Altogether, I concluded that i had to engage with men if i was to become a sugar baby. To make a success of sugar dating I had tame the beast in men. In reality I had to truly face the fact that some men are prepared to pay a very high price when you deny them something.

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The Sugar Daddy For Me

Definitely I wasn’t prepared for the sexual depravity of older men. When you become a sugar baby, older men want you. Unfortunately I’ve succumbed to flogging men old enough to be my grand papa with a paddle. Forgive me for face sitting bearded men who devoured my tight pussy and ass like a sweet pudding at a Posh hotel. There are other degrading (for them) bdsm play that I am too ashamed to recount, on my journey to find the sugar daddy for me.

16 months after i had become a sugar baby I was able to pay off a half of my mortgage. My friends don’t know about my sugar dating side hustle. However I know, and do reflect from time to time on my behavior and do sometimes truly feel ashamed. I’ve descended low and become a sugar baby whore, for sale. When I’m deep in my own thoughts it saddens me. Then the positive side of me says ‘ don’t hate the player, hate the game ‘. And that is exactly what life is for many people trying to get ahead in this competitive world. Money talks. As one guy said to me ‘ you won’t always be this pretty’. My journey continues to find the sugar daddy for me.

Sugar Daddy Boyfriends.

I now have several ‘ regular ‘ sugar daddy boyfriends ‘, who treat me well and spend lavishly on me. The more cruel I am to them, the more I’ve prospered. Now, my aim is to try and stop as soon as i meet someone normal in everyday life. I’ve visited at least 22 countries always staying in a 5 star hotels. I have Chanel bags/fashion, Gucci, Fiorucci, Balmain etc etc. However, I know I have fallen short in regard to my dignity. I’m told this happens when you become a sugar baby. Which I sold in return for my sugar daddy’s sexual proclivities.

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Confessions of a Sugar Baby

If I sold my jewellery, I could pay off my mortgage as a result of me becoming a sugar baby. Such is it’s significant value. I have a private safe deposit box in Zurich Switzerland. On several occasions I’ve travelled in private jets, but I feel lonely. When i was having Dinner at an upscale restaurant in Dubai with a male friend last year. My date visited the rest room, when a man approached me at my table. He was in the security detail of a presumably rich Arab sat at another table. From the get go i believed when you become a sugar baby It’s best to always craft your look. Go for an upmarket conservative business woman look. Always carrying a briefcase and looking respectable, maybe even slightly unattainable.

After begging my forgiveness he asked if i would want to date his employer and have dinner for 24 hours (pointing to a portly Arab man on a different table, who smiled at me). And if i did, to text ‘ yes ‘ to the number he had given me, and the name of my hotel. He said if the answer was yes, $40k would be paid in to my bank account before the date commenced. This is the insane world that operates in luxury la la land.

Can She be Bought?

I always wear an expensive ring on my 3rd finger left hand. I dress very conservatively in order to prevent anything untoward when i’m in Dubai. The sight of nubile female flesh, even just forearms or ankles, can be like a red rag to a bull with some rich Arab men. They have to have you at any cost, and are willing to reward you considerably. Be ‘ shy ‘ and unsure that they can tempt you, the more they want you. Turkey can be very dangerous because of this. Yet to some wealthy individuals they see a wedding ring on an attractive young woman’s finger as a challenge. They think most attractive young foreign women can become a sugar baby fodder. What’s your price?

No i didn’t say yes to him. This type of scenario is very dangerous, i would never go. Many would be tempted but short notice and no background history is too dangerous in Dubai. A girl could be used/abused and sold off in the dessert. His entourage promptly left before my dinner date arrived back at the table. Imagine if i had been married and been with my husband. Hopefully God will continue to protect me & you should you become a sugar baby. inshallah.

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